Round Touch Doorbell Copper

The Round Cooper Touch Doorbell illuminated doorbell button is a modern 2.7″ round diameter illuminated button finished in a solid block of stainless steel.

The Round Cooper Touch Doorbell design features a center touch button that allows the user to activate the center part of the illuminated ring that triggers the connection to a wired doorbell chime.

The round modern glowing doorbell makes finding the button easy during the dark. A soft center glow available in the following LED colors including white, blue, amber, green and red illuminates the center ring. The round touch doorbell button is available in three metal colors including bronze, brass, black and a satin aluminum.

The round touch led doorbell button works with any standard low voltage wired doorbell system. The doorbell buttons are designed by Luxello in California.

Round Touch Doorbell Copper

From: AUD79.00

Round Cooper Touch Doorbell Button


    AUD 119

Round Cooper Button Round – Diamond Edge


    AUD 128

Round Touch Doorbell Copper
Size: 2.7″ D: 1/4″
Solid Cooper
Power: 12 – 16 Volt AC/DC
Doorbell transformer
Creed LED Chip